this a brand new website.For those of you who are from the wbo and know me,welcome.

Also,welcome to everyone else who has decided to join this brand new site.As the name suggests,there will be games soon.


I will appreciate it if people can donate money so that I can make this website better.


as you can see,there is a web store on this site.For those of you who want to sell,feel free to do so.

However,there will be some ground rules so that everyone can have an almost trouble-free experience.


You can also post photos.Of course,there are basic rules(no nudity,for example).


There are forums and as above,there are basic rules(no profanity,etc...)


Same as before.Failure to follow these rules will result in expension from the website.

Staff Forum

This is a forum for Admins, Moderators, and The Owner to discuss issues within the site/forums. If there are suspected spambots than we will reveal them. If any regular members are caught in here, you will be expelled from the site for evesdropping.

Member's Forum

This is the Member's forum, where any regular members are allowed discussing their thoughts and feedback about the site. The staff will not post here, but respectively have the option to read the feedback given by members.


This page is for game links, when we can get games uploaded to the site links will be unnecessary. If you have an interesting game, please post the link in the 'Games Proposal' thread, or PM a moderator or admin. Further rules are in the forum.

Lest we forget

If another member is expelled, you MAY post here paying your respects. Rules are in the forum.